Skallbjörnens Bella Godiva

Korad Skallbjörnens Bella Godiva is born 20100810, HD B/ ED 0, has done MH and MT. Korad with excelent result of 509 points and approved exterior by Bo Wiberg.

Bella has been shown with plenty of super results:

20140222: Sundsvall Nationall, Bo Wiberg, Openclass females, Excelent V3

20140302: Karlskoga, Rottweiler Klubbens årsmötesutställning, Frank Hedtke, openclass females V1, Excellent, CK, Best female V2

20140413: Sundsvall Nationall, Hans almgren, openclass female V2, excellent

20140420: Kista Internationall, Janet Lobb, openclass females V1, excellent, CK, BOS

20140426: Västerås Nationall, Kenneth Edh, openclass females V1, excellent, CK, BIR

20140628: Södertälje, SSU(Swedish Winner), ?, openclass females V4, excellent

20140629: Södertälje, Scandinavian Klubbsieger, Jurgen Wulff, openclass females, V2, excellent, CK

20140705: Örebro BK, Yvonne Brink, openclass females V1, excellent, CK, BOS

 20140719: Askersund Internationall, Morten Nielsen, Openclass females V3, excellent

20140824: ADRK klubbsiegher, Rudiger Schmidt, Openclass females, V11, excellent 

20140921: Skutskär, Rottweiler special show, Openclass females, Excellent, judge Bo Skalin

20150403: Kista Intenationall, Ralf Camden Norway, V1 openclass females, Excellent with CK, V2 best female reserv CACIB.

 20150514: Nora BK, V1 openclass females, Excellent with CK, Best female, BIM/BOS.

20150531: Österbybruk Int dogshow, V1 openclass females , excellent, CK, V2 best female.

20150627: SSU, Södert-lje BK, Judpge Anton Spindler, V5 openclass females, excellent

20150628: Sommarspecialen, Södertälje, Judge P-D Viehoff, V5 openclass females, excellent

20170702: BSE judge Yvonne Brink 

20180901: Höstspecialen Högbo, Kristiina Niemelä, V1 CK BIM Veteran 

20181208: Stockholm International dog show, V1 CK BIM Veteran Swedish Veteran Winner

Bella is a multitasking dog who has been tracking, searching doing obediance, rally obediance, agillity and Swedish protection. She has a lot of drive and loves to work. A strong middle sizzed female, with excellent angulation, nice movements and a feminin head. She is our queen <3